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A comment on Private Preserve

We decided to ship and sell Private Preserve because it is the only method of conserving a half-opened bottle of wine that I have come across which I think works.

The vacuum pumps I have tried in the past (for both wine and freshly-ground coffee) always leaked after a few days and, worse still for the wine, I found an unpleasant rubber smell on the first glass from the rubber seal.

So, here is a simple consumer gadget straight from “best-practice” modern winery techniques; a “gas blanket”.

It is the oxygen in air which spoils the wine. A squirt of nitrogen into the bottle (and replace the cork) displaces the oxygen and forms a perfect seal against oxidation. As long as you don’t shake the bottle about it will be as fresh as the day you squirted it for weeks or months, let alone the next day!

Less than 7p a squirt – a small price to pay for half a bottle of fresh wine, and a major weapon in the fight against middle-class binge-drinking on wine!!!!
The Real Wine Company

So, who else thinks it’s the one to use?

“It works! Le Test Score: 9 out of 10.”
La Revue du Vin de France, November 2005.

“I have found Private Preserve to be a brilliant device, the best I’ve tested.”
Malcolm Gluck, wine columnist author, and broadcaster

“One dozen wines tested: Over the course of eight weeks the quality of the samples remained excellent due to the use of Private Preserve.”
Dr. Peter von Weymarn, Owner of Freiherr Heyl zu Herrnsheim winery, and Physicist from the Max-Planck-Institute

“The best wine preserver I’ve tested is PRIVATE PRESERVE… half bottle of cabernet left for six months… still fine when I finally reopened it.”
Dan Berger, Los Angeles Times

The Real Wine Company

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