Private Preserve

Scott Farmer realized that some of the world’s great wines were being lost to oxidation and consumers were the one’s losing out. With the objective of assisting both consumers and restaurateurs to preserve opened bottles of wine, Scott invented PRIVATPRESERVE.

As PRIVATE PRESERVE has continued to grow, Scott has continued his endeavors in assisting customers. With careful and meticulous research, he has found that in addition to wine, Private Preserve is well suited to the preservation of port, sherry, single malts, single batch bourbons, old Cognac, sake, ultra-fine tequila, and in the kitchen, fine cooking oils and vinegars.

Using Private Preserve

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for Use*
1. Use each time you pour & store.
2. Put the tip of the extension tube inside the neck of the bottle against the glass. Tube use insures maximum protection.
3. Spray one long (1 sec.) and 4 short bursts into 750ml bottle. Larger bottles require additional sprays—add one long spray for each larger size.
4. Recork immediately & store upright.

*Instructions in English are on the side of each can of PRIVATE PRESERVE and have been translated into French, Russian, Japanese and German. Attached to each can are two extension tubes.

For use in decanters, Scott recommends the same amount of spray time as for a 750ml bottle. However, please note that some decanter stops are made haphazardly as an afterthought. Scott's recommendation is to purchase a well-made decanter from a reputable source (such as International Wine Accessories, J.V. Discount Beverage Warehouse, or The Wine Enthusiast).

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