Why Private Preserve works and How to use it

Private Preserve
Private Preserve can not stop time, but with Private Preserve we have more time to enjoy wine.


Private Preserve is a simple way to slow the natural aging process and keep wines fresher longer. Air flows into a bottle when you pop the cork. Simply reinserting the cork will prevent a continuous flow of oxygen from entering the bottle and thus slow the oxidation of the contents. But the oxygen already inside will be enough to age the contents unless you spray in some Private Preserve.

PRIVATE PRESERVE replaces the air in a bottle with a balanced mixture of three gases* we naturally breathe. Private Preserve differs from fresh air because of what it lacks, oxygen and impurities.

Similar to how low temperatures keep food fresh longer in refrigerators, pumping Private Preserve into a bottle results in low oxygen levels and so keeps whatever is in the bottle fresh longer.

*Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Argon

HOW WE USE PRIVATE PRESERVE - There are no rules. But, here are some ideas.

#1. We always like to have a can of Private Preserve handy.

#2. We generally spray in a few shots of Private Preserve after the first pour.

#3. We do not decide if we will “finish the bottle” until we pour the last glass. We may drink only one glass and save the rest for another time. Or, we may drink most of a bottle and save only one glass. Either way, with Private Preserve we are confident that every glass we save will still be delicious.

#4. We use Private Preserve to get to know a wine better in two ways. By opening one bottle on two occasions and comparing how it tastes with different foods. And by opening two bottles on one occasion and comparing how they taste.

PRIVATE PRESERVE enables us to conveniently use the same technology used to preserve wine and other edibles during production and bottling worldwide!

So go ahead, enjoy one or more glasses of wine.

Wine by the Glass

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