About Us

A Brief History of Private Preserve.

As many entrepreneurs can attest, ideas for products sometimes are not discovered by market research, but by observation.

When Scott Farmer first started working in the winery in which he was a partner, he noticed that most restaurants were hesitant to bring on his high-end wines for wine by the glass programs — because at the end of the night, they were tired of pouring their “profits” down the drain.

By observing practices in the winery, Scott noticed the constant use of inert gas in preserving wine stored in tanks, barrels and carboys. This led to the discovery that purified carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon were being piped into the containers to prevent oxidation. As the thought was turning in his head, he decided to figure out how to bring the benefits of successful wine preservation to the consumer. Through constant testing, Scott was able to formulate a mixture of inert gases (essentially pure air with no oxygen) to preserve wine inside a bottle which has been uncorked and recorked, and sometimes allow the preservation to continue for months and even years.

This moment became the turning point in his life and now we have the essential wine accessory second in importance only to the corkscrew …

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